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    Rules for Posting Empty Rules for Posting

    Post  Kim Titus on Sat Oct 01, 2011 6:20 pm

    Terms To Know
    Infraction- An infraction is basically a warning. I have it set up so that after so many infractions you receive a ban

    Posting- Making a topic or replying to someone elses topic.

    Spamming- You may notice some forums require a certain amount of posts. Right now the most posts a forum will require is 20 posts. If you make useless topics just saying "Hi", "Thanks", "I'm trying to get my post count up", or just post one post after another this is spamming.

    Forums- The forums are what you are on now. The forums have many sections in it.

    Section- A specific section on the forums contain all the topics and posts.
    EX: Socom FTB1 Chat, Socom FTB2 Chat ect.

    Topics- A topic a person has opened. Like the name of this topic is Rules *Updated As Of July 7th 2008*
    Reply- A reply is made to the topic a person has opened. So if someone wanted to reply to a topic they would click the button. Which this can't be done to this topic as I have disabled it.

    1.) No pornographic material.

    2.) No illegal content.

    3.) No spamming.

    4.) No harassing/flaming (Being disrespectful) any visitors, users, Mods, Admins, or anyone else that uses the forums. If caught and depending on the case you could be either given an infraction or be banned.

    5.) No posting false information.

    6.) No stealing credit. (Rather it be a code, tutorial, or design.)

    7.) No posting in the wrong sections.

    8.) No creating a second account, without my permission. (If caught your second account will be deleted. If you continue doing this you will be banned.)

    9.)Signature may allowed after 20 posts .

    If you are banned and you create another account and you are caught you will be IP Banned for double the amount of the time you were originally banned for. So if you were banned for 3 days and you make a new account 1 day before your original ban is up. If you are caught your second account will be deleted and your ban will start over as an IP ban for 6 days instead of 3.

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